Our 2020 Plan

We're going to win back the White House and Senate by registering almost 300,000 people from our communities to vote and organizing nearly five million young voters to cast a ballot for progressives. We are ready to elect representatives who will make health care and education affordable, take meaningful action to address the climate crisis and gun violence, and reshape our institutions, so instead of holding us down, they lift us up.

The Voters

NextGen America is working to turn out people under the age of 35 who are less than likely to vote or who are not currently registered to vote. These young people are hard to find, expensive to mobilize, and have a reputation of not being particularly interested in politics. For those reasons, traditional political campaigns leave them out – but we have the expertise to find young people, bring them into the political process, and make them lifelong voters.

2020 eligible voters by generation

The Strategy

Face-to-face Conversations

Nothing beats in-person contact, and our teams are already on the ground across II battleground states having thousands of face-to-face conversations with the people who will decide this election. Organizers educate their peers on the issues at stake in the election, contrast the candidates’ stances on those issues, and get young people to pledge to vote for progressive candidates. We then recruit and follow up with these voters in person and via text message, email, social media, and digital ads to ensure we’re building a lasting community of young people committed to change (and to make sure that they’re ready to cast their ballots on election day).

In Feeds

In order to turn out a record number of hard-to-reach and new voters, we’re reaching them where they’re at online, in every corner of the internet. That means activating young people to start conversations with their social media audiences, recruiting thousands of micro-influencers, serving breakthrough digital ads, and partnering with the digital brands and publishers that are already reaching these groups. It also means ensuring that wherever young people get their news, they’re hearing a narrative that reflects their own power.

In DMs

Personalized contact drives home the point that you (yes, YOU) will decide this election. We use a combination of peer-to-peer and broadcast text messages, email, and direct messages on social platforms to make sure that young people have the information and motivation they need to turn out for progressives up and down the ballot.

The Map

Click on our states to see the work we’re doing.

The Map


NextGen Arizona is committed to defeating GOP Senator Martha McSally, and sending 11 electoral votes to the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.



NextGen Florida is committed to flipping the Sunshine State blue for the presidential election, defending the Democratic gains in the US House from the midterms, and fighting to put Democrats in control of the State Legislature to check Gov. Ron DeSantis’ power and prevent more rampant GOP gerrymandering.



NextGen Iowa will fight to deliver Iowa’s six electoral votes to the Democratic nominee for president, flip a critical U.S. Senate seat from red to blue, and defend critical Democratic House gains from the midterms.



NextGen Michigan will deliver Michigan’s 16 electoral votes to a Democratic president, send Senator Gary Peters back to the Senate, and defend Democratic House gains from the midterms.



A new addition to the NextGen program, NextGen Maine is determined to oust Senator Susan Collins, who cast the deciding vote to elevate Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In addition to defeating Senator Collins, NextGen Maine aims to secure all four of Maine’s electoral college votes for the Democratic presidential nominee.


North Carolina

North Carolina has not voted for a Democrat for president since 2008; in order to remove Trump from the White House, voters in the Tar Heel State must show up in 2020 and send 15 electoral votes to the Democratic presidential nominee. NextGen North Carolina is also committed to removing Senator Thom Tillis, reelecting Governor Roy Cooper, and flipping the NC State Legislature to prevent more GOP gerrymanders.


New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary and independent nature solidify the Granite State as a bonafide presidential battleground state and a top priority. NextGen New Hampshire is committed to sending the state’s four electoral votes to the Democratic presidential nominee, defending Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and removing Governor Chris Sununu from office in 2020.



NextGen Nevada is committed to sending all six electoral votes to the Democratic nominee for president and defending Democratic House gains from the midterms.



NextGen Pennsylvania is committed to flipping this state back into the blue column and sending all 20 electoral votes to the Democratic presidential nominee. In addition to sending Trump packing, NextGen Pennsylvania will focus on defending the Democratic House gains from the midterm and picking up nine seats in the State House of Representatives to take control of the chamber.



This cycle, NextGen Wisconsin is committed to flipping the Badger State blue to remove Trump from office. In addition to sending all 10 electoral votes to the Democratic presidential nominee, organizers and volunteers will focus on the State Supreme Court race to ensure Wisconsin has justices who will overturn gerrymandered maps and ensure fair elections.



In 2020, NextGen Virginia will work to ensure Virginia stays blue by sending 13 electoral votes to the Democratic presidential nominee and ensuring Senator Mark Warner earns another term in the Senate.


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