Tell Congress: Invest in Infrastructure & Create Green Jobs

President Biden has proposed the American Jobs Plan, a historic investment in infrastructure that will create good-paying, clean energy jobs.

It will rebuild our nation’s transit systems, modernize our electric grid, repair and replace outdated water pipes, and expand access to high-speed broadband.

If passed, the American Jobs Plan would be one of the most significant pieces of climate legislation in U.S. history. It would:

  • Create a new Civilian Climate Corps to train and hire thousands to restore public lands and improve climate resilience for frontline communities
  • Accelerate decarbonization by implementing a national clean energy standard to get us to 100% carbon-free power by 2035
  • Replace all lead pipes and service lines to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking water
  • Eliminate tax subsidies for fossil fuel corporations and make polluters pay to clean up their messes
  • Retrofit and construct houses, businesses, and public buildings to enhance energy efficiency
  • Incentivize electric vehicles by boosting rebates and tax credits for consumers and expanding charging stations nationwide

Urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Plan and fully invest in infrastructure and clean energy jobs.

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