Tell Congress: Expand Ballot Access & Keep Voters Safe From COVID-19

With the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s imperative that our leaders quickly act to expand access to the ballot box and keep voters safe.

The long fight to advance voting laws that expand access to all voters is not over, especially in the face of concerted Republican efforts to disenfranchise Black and Brown voters, voters with disabilities, and other suppressed communities. Now more than ever, we must make it easier to vote — not harder.

We urge elected officials to immediately take action to:

  • Allow all voters to cast mail-in ballots with pre-paid postage
  • Expand early voting & no-excuse absentee voting to reduce long lines at polling places
  • Enact automatic voter registration to maximize participation in our democracy
  • Expand & improve online voter registration, including for eligible voters without DMV records
  • Allow same-day voter registration so voters can update their registration on Election Day
  • Increase staffing at elections offices & polling places to adequately adapt to new processes

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40% of all eligible voters are Gen Z/Millennials. We have the numbers to win this election.

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