Hard-working Americans deserve to prosper within our economy

Donald Trump and the Republican Party have attacked the middle class by opposing consumer protections, workplace protections and a fair distribution of wealth. Sign this petition and resist the GOP’s unjust economic agenda.

Our economy is dangerously out of balance. Big corporations have rigged the rules so they can profit at the expense of hard-working Americans. It’s simple: When all our earnings go to the wealthy few, working families struggle to get by.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party support the unethical business practices of big corporations. They allow CEOs to hold down wages, take away our right to join together in union, and rig the rules like tax law in their favor. All the while, working American families struggle to put food on their tables and make ends meet.

Donald Trump’s attack on the middle class is not surprising considering he is an unethical “businessman” himself. He has bankrupt students with his for-profit “universities” and left workers unpaid for their services.

The American people deserve to be fairly compensated for their work. No family should go hungry or without affordable healthcare. People have the right to join together in union and be compensated a living wage for their work.

Support economic justice for workers and promote a more prosperous future for all.

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