Health Care

Health care is a human right

The Republican Party continues to sabotage affordable health care in America because they only care about serving their wealthy donors. If you’re done letting Republicans destroy health care in America by preying on vulnerable communities and hard working families — sign this petition.

No matter where or to whom you are born; health care is a human right.  

Donald Trump and the Republican Party are intentionally sabotaging any chance of affordable healthcare for working families — just to serve their wealthy donors.

Every American deserves high quality health care. Women need reproductive care, struggling families need Medicaid, people with pre-existing conditions need coverage, and we all need health care we can afford.

For too many families in the United States, affordable, quality health care is out of reach.

It is very simple — no one should have to risk their life savings to get the care they need. If Republicans get what they want, we’re all one accident or surprise doctor’s visit away from bankruptcy. Time and time again, Republicans threaten the most vulnerable among us in order to give even more tax breaks to the wealthiest few.

We won’t  let the Republican Party continue to destroy health care in America. Stand up for the American people and demand affordable healthcare for all.

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