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Act now: Stop offshore drilling.

The Trump administration is seeking to open up America's coastline to oil and gas drilling – but we're speaking out against this risky move.

The Department of the Interior is launching a public comment period for Americans to comment on offshore drilling. Join us in sending a clear message to the Trump administration: Keep our oceans off limits to corporate polluters.

The Trump administration is determined to allow hazardous oil and gas drilling off America’s coastline, reversing President Obama’s decision to protect the Atlantic and Arctic oceans from risky offshore drilling.

This move puts our coastal communities at risk, threatening the well-being of millions of Americans whose livelihoods depend on clean ocean water and safe beaches.

Offshore drilling poses massive risks to our oceans and our climate, endangering fragile coastal areas and marine wildlife. If corporate polluters get their way, local economies reliant on tourism or fishing could face lasting impacts of devastating spills. Even inland communities are vulnerable to contaminated food and water supplies from oil spills and could front the bill for the cleanup.

Tell the Trump administration: Our oceans should be protected, not polluted. Keep America’s coastline off limits to drilling.