Tell Congress: Invest in Climate Action & Clean Energy

The Senate has passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, but it doesn’t go far enough to address the climate crisis. To make the change we need, lawmakers must also pass a budget package that fully invests in a safer climate and prioritizes frontline communities.

Following the priorities laid out in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, Democrats have already approved an initial budget resolution using the Senate’s reconciliation process. That means with a simple majority vote, they can finally begin making unprecedented investments in clean energy and climate action.

If signed into law, this reconciliation package would be one of the most significant pieces of climate legislation in U.S. history. It would:

  • Create a new Civilian Climate Corps to train and hire thousands to restore public lands and improve climate resilience for frontline communities
  • Accelerate decarbonization by implementing a national clean energy payment program to get us to 80% clean electricity by 2030
  • Boost tax incentives to promote cleaner energy, transportation, and manufacturing
  • Eliminate many tax subsidies for fossil fuel corporations and make polluters pay to clean up their messes
  • Invest in retrofitting and constructing energy efficient houses, businesses, and public buildings

Our message is getting through, but we must keep up the pressure to ensure these investments remain in the final bill.

Together, these two bills will spur the transition to clean energy, rebuild our nation’s transit systems, make polluters pay, and reestablish our nation as a global leader on climate.

Urge Congress to keep bold climate solutions in the final budget reconciliation package.

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