Urge your elected officials: Don't let Trump increase health care costs.

Donald Trump is threatening to block subsidies that lower health care costs for millions of Americans.

Donald Trump is threatening to deliberately increase health care costs for working families and put the coverage of millions of Americans at risk purely out of spite.

Recently, Trump announced that he may block federal funds that lower premiums for millions of people. By refusing to make these payments, Trump would intentionally hike costs so he can sabotage our health care system and blame it on his opponents.

Our leaders should be doing everything in their power to make quality health care in this country more affordable, but this president is actively trying to raise the cost of health care.

The American people must hold him accountable for risking the health and livelihoods of millions of people.

Tell your elected officials to stop Trump from blocking cost sharing reduction subsidies so millions of Americans can get the lower premiums they deserve.