Tell President Biden: End the Filibuster & Protect our Democracy

On July 13, President Biden spoke at Philadelphia’s Constitution Center to confirm that our democracy is under attack. He made it very clear — if left unchecked, the Republican Party will continue to dismantle our core democratic principles and restrict access to the ballot box.

We are fighting back and urging President Biden to firmly stand by our side as we mobilize to end the filibuster. 

Democratic legislators in Texas flew to Washington, D.C. to deny a quorum, stop Republican plans to suppress the vote during a special legislative session, and renew the push to pass federal voting rights legislation.

While Texas Democrats have gone to great lengths to safeguard our democracy, Democrats in Washington have failed to demonstrate the same level of urgency or unity over recent months. This is our moment to abolish the filibuster and enact critical legislation that will strengthen our right to vote. 

The filibuster is a relic of the Jim Crow era that to this day prevents our Democratic majority in Congress from passing popular, necessary legislation that can restore the health of our democracy. President Biden must join us in this pivotal moment to protect our democratic process from the influence of special interests and mass disenfranchisement.

Send a message to President Biden: End the filibuster so we can finally pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.