Tell the Senate: End the Filibuster & Protect our Democracy

On June 22, 2021, Senate Republicans used the filibuster to stop the For the People Act from advancing. This legislation was designed to protect voting rights nationwide and end partisan gerrymandering, and it’s yet another bill that Minority Leader Mitch McConell blocked via the filibuster.

Right now, Senate Democrats have the votes to reform the filibuster and pass their agenda — but the question is, do they have the courage?

The legislative filibuster’s arbitrary 60-vote requirement has stopped even the most common-sense, bipartisan agreements from becoming law. Historically, it’s been instrumental in blocking popular legislation on civil rights, immigration reform, and climate action.

The filibuster isn’t required by the Constitution and in fact, Senate rules have changed many times over the years. In 2017, Mitch McConnell amended the filibuster so he could pack the Supreme Court — allowing Trump to appoint three extreme justices during his term.

We aren’t interested in excuses. We want results. Democrats in the Senate now must choose between keeping the filibuster or keeping their promises. It’s that simple.

Urge your senators to end the filibuster so we can strengthen our democracy and deliver results.