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Post-Election Update

NextGen America crushed it in 2018, and now we have more information about which voters actually turned out to vote. Click here to take a look at our full report to see the impact that NextGen had on the midterm elections.

You can find our Voter File Analysis Memo here.

Read more about everything NextGen America did this election cycle in all eleven of our states: Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Check out our research project about how to reach young voters here.

This is a by-the-numbers look at our 2018 youth vote program activity across the country. From voter registration counts to digital ads by district, this is how we’re crushing it.

State Voter Registrations Collected Supporter Signups Volunteers Doors Attempted
National Total 257,857 302,404 16,109 1,083,849
Arizona 21,707 15,726 2,507 88,009
California 28,766 31,550 1,212 106,272
Florida 52,220 40,974 2,262 172,987
Iowa 14,243 21,668 811 63,270
Michigan 39,353 23,676 1,650 125,254
Nevada 11,269 19,087 971 78,030
New Hampshire N/A 18,497 861 41,604
North Carolina 6,183 6,516 307 32,056
Pennsylvania 41,160 41,722 2,200 98,593
Virginia 24,788 28,940 1,572 99,297
Wisconsin 8,349 50,869 1,756 178,477

Last updated Nov. 7, 2018. Numbers in the table are updated automatically, so the featured stats above the table may not reflect these values. Click here for a more detailed breakdown by state.
The National Total number of “Voter Registrations Collected” also includes 5,174 from Colorado and 4,645 from Minnesota as part of the Our Lives Our Vote program.

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