Tell your senators: Pass the Respect for Marriage Act

The House of Representatives took a crucial step to protect the LGBTQ+ community by passing the Respect for Marriage Act. While the bill made history by garnering remarkable bipartisan support in the House, the road ahead will be difficult; we must rise to the occasion and demand that our senators take action.

The Respect for Marriage Act would protect the right to marry by:

  • Repealing the antiquated Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which narrowly defined marriage and banned federal recognition of same-sex marriages
  • Codifying marriage equality under federal law, protecting couples regardless of the state they were married in
  • Securing additional legal protections, designating the authority to pursue enforcement actions, and creating a private right of action for any individual harmed by a violation of this provision.

When Congress passed DOMA in 1996, it aimed to “protect” the institution of marriage by excluding the LGBTQ+ community from federal protections, setting a dangerous precedent for the government to undermine gay marriage. Although the Supreme Court subsequently overruled DOMA, the federal statute remains on the books. In other words, if the conservative court overturns its prior rulings, it can reinstate these provisions; we can’t take that chance. The Respect for Marriage Act will ensure that these marriages continue to be recognized, even if a future Supreme Court overturns landmark marriage equality decisions.

This summer, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority cruelly stripped away abortion rights, signaling that other crucial civil rights decisions are next for repeal. Once again, the bigotry of far-right justices threatens the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, interracial couples, and families across the nation. The Respect for Marriage Act is a step toward securing permanent protections for marriage equality.

Send a message to your senators to ensure that marriage equality remains the law of the land.