NextGen Rising

Trump and his allies are threatening our health, our climate, and — for many of us — our very presence in the United States. But every step of the way, young people have resisted. We are marching in the streets, protesting at our elected officials’ offices, and registering our friends to vote. And we’re just getting started.


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Meet some of our organizers

California Organizer


"The biggest threat to young Americans from Trump is the feeling of hopelessness that can lead to apathy. It has been a whirlwind of disastrous policies, and that is meant to exhaust us and lead to burnout so we stop fighting him. But if we give up, young people could face economic distress, war, irreversible damage to the environment and national parks, and the loss of access to health care for millions."

Virginia Organizer


"Young people are waking up and being someone that can direct these emotions into positive change for our future means so much to me. In recent times, I’ve found my need to stay up and think to be at an all time high. Every news story about the current administration shocks me. Nothing matters more than the planet we live on."

Pennsylvania Organizer


"Economic equality and sustainability are among my highest priorities because they tie into almost every other important issue. Quality education, health care, and fair wages are increasingly inaccessible, especially to young people. I fight for the next generation — for a democracy that puts people over profits, for a safe and flourishing natural environment, and for a foreign policy that promotes equality in all forms."

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We’re young, powerful, and progressive, and we’re fighting for positive change — in our communities and on the ballot. Join us.