Share your student loan debt story

The Biden-Harris administration has vowed to take action to lessen the financial burden of the student loan debt crisis that impacts approximately 45 million people in the United States, who hold a total of $1.7 trillion in debt.

It’s on us to keep up the pressure for urgent action on student loan debt. They need to hear directly from us.

Whether you have debt of your own, have already paid it off, have loved ones in debt, or never had student loans, we all benefit from cancelling student loan debt for millions of people. Everyone has a story.

We want to hear yours.

Share your story about the impact of the student debt crisis on your life, so we can share it with the NextGen community. Not only can we find solidarity and community by sharing our personal journey in navigating the student debt crisis, our voices can empower others to bring their stories to light.

Let’s speak truth to power and remind the Biden-Harris administration that we delivered their victory. Now it’s up to them to take action and keep the promises they made to us.