Defund the Police

The people of the United States, once again, are witnessing an uprising brought about by another unjustifiable killing of a non-violent, unarmed African-American at the hands of the police. In reaction to young women, men, trans people, and children expressing their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble, and petition their government for a redress of grievance, law enforcement departments throughout the nation have engaged in aggressive escalated tactics. 

Because our political systems continue to fail in addressing the crisis of violence enacted by police officers against the public they are sworn to protect and serve, we present the following actions to de-escalate tensions, protect the public, and save lives:

  • Suspend paid administrative leave policies for law enforcement officers under investigation
  • Withhold pensions for law enforcement officers involved in acts of excessive force and discrimination against members of the public
  • Require law enforcement officers to be liable for misconduct settlements
  • Cap overtime accrual and overtime pay for military exercises 
  • Demilitarize police departments and have departments return all accrued military equipment 
  • Amend 42 U.S.C. § 1983 to clearly prohibit the use of qualified immunity as such doctrine has been used to deny individuals justice when their civil rights are violated by government actors
  • Allow defendants to discover complaints (and any investigation of said complaints) in the personnel files of law enforcement officers involved in their cases without the need to provide good cause
  • Prioritize budget expenditures to community health, education, minority-owned businesses, affordable housing and transportation
  • Reduce in the size and budgets of police departments
  • End cash bail in all jurisdictions
  • Prohibit the purchase and use of tear gas by police departments

Sign onto this local, state, and federal legislative response, and we will deliver the response to elected officials’ offices and let them know that enough is enough.

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