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Protect our kids from methane pollution.

Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is catering to corporate polluters at the expense of our children’s health. Join us in sending a clear message to Scott Pruitt: We need commonsense protections from methane now.

By proposing a two-year delay to a rule that would protect Americans from harmful methane pollution, the Trump administration is jeopardizing the health and safety of our families for corporate profits.

Remarkably, the EPA even admitted that this decision puts our kids in harm's way, while shamelessly downplaying the impact of two years of added exposure to children as “limited.”

Tell Scott Pruitt: Subjecting our kids to more dangerous pollutants is unacceptable. We need commonsense protections from methane NOW.

Americans living near oil and gas drilling and fracking operations face immense risks from methane, and we all are endangered by methane’s effect on our climate. If implemented, the methane rule would help shield these communities from these impacts. But the Trump administration is doing everything in its power to undermine these protections by shelving them for as long as possible.

Scott Pruitt’s actions directly defy the EPA’s mission to protect our health and environment. His efforts to delay life-saving protections serve only to put more money in the pockets of corporate polluters. We must make it clear to Scott Pruitt and Trump that we won’t tolerate their assault on our health and climate.