Tell your governor: Follow President Biden's lead on cannabis reform

President Biden just took historic action to pardon all federal cannabis possession offenses. 

But our work doesn’t stop there. Since most arrests related to cannabis are at the state or local level, he also urged governors in all 50 states to do the same for state offenses.

Join President Biden in urging your governor to pardon state cannabis possession offenses in a similar manner. 

Far too many Black and brown people are in jail for nonviolent marijuana charges. Drug policies have been proven to be racist. While Black and brown people use marijuana at the same rate as their white peers, they face a disproportionate rate of arrests and convictions.

With a pardon, those with non-violent cannabis convictions will finally have greater access to educational opportunities, stable housing, and employment options — opening doors which were previously, unjustly closed. 

Write to your governor today urging them to pardon non-violent cannabis possession offenses and do all in their power to fix our nation’s broken drug policies.