Take action: Champion the Youth Agenda with NextGen America

Our generation knows that change doesn’t happen without a fight. We’re all too familiar with the battle at the ballot box, but we’re also invested in ensuring our voice carries further.

That’s why we’re driving forward the Youth Agenda, and we’ve asked our partners — other leaders in this fight with us — to sign on. 

We’re taking our letter all the way to the people who have the power to turn our demands into actionable, transformative change.

Will you send a message as well? 

Check out our Youth Agenda below and send a message to Congress urging action on issue priorities that matter most to our generation.

Dear President Biden and Congress,

We, the youth vote, the largest and most diverse generation in American history, write to you with a call to action. We write to you with our priorities, hopes, and vision for the future. We urge you to join us in our fight, and we ask that you consider and take immediate action on these legislative priorities in the year ahead.

As a generation raised amidst a climate crisis, an unjust economy, and unrelenting attacks on our most basic rights, we understand clearly the stakes of the current moment. In the past two election cycles, we have turned out at historic levels to fight these crises – advocating for change on the streets and at the ballot box to make sure we create a nation that is more equitable for all. This work, built on the shoulders of generations before us, has garnered unbelievable victories in the past decade. However, it is not nearly enough.

With a new year ahead, we are diving into our movement with renewed hope and energy. We believe in the power of each other and the power of our collective voice.

Our federal legislative priorities and Youth Agenda include:

Climate Change and Environmental Justice


Student Debt Cancellation & Access to Education


Economic Justice


Abortion Rights & Reproductive Justice


Criminal Justice and Police Reform


LGBTQ+ Rights


Gun Violence Prevention


Protecting Immigrants


Defending Democracy


Youth Representation


Young people are the future of this country, but we are also the here and now. We are leaders driving our communities towards an America that is more just and more prosperous for all. These legislative priorities are not radical — we are simply calling for policy solutions that meet the moment — and the time to take action is now.

The organizations below are uniquely connected to diverse communities across the country, and have their finger on the pulse of young people’s needs and hopes for the future. This is the Youth Agenda 2023, a list of our priorities and our expectations for the year ahead. Together we can get this done and create a country that respects us, reflects us, and represents us all.


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