Celebrating our Latino communities even after Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month may have passed, but the fight for protecting and advocating for our Latino communities is far from over.

While we celebrated, honored, and supported our Latino leaders and activists, we also recognized the true progressive power the Latino community holds.

We accomplished so much this past month and that wouldn’t have been possible without your support and resilience in making sure the voices in our Latino communities are heard and accounted for.

The work we have done is something to be celebrated but also to be continued throughout the years to come because there’s one thing that’s certain — Latinos are one of the fastest growing communities in our country. With each generation there are progressive powerhouses who will stop at nothing to ensure Latino communities are represented in the White House, Congress, and state or local offices.

It’s up to us to continue this mission of protecting and ensuring basic human rights for Latino communities who helped build the backbone of this nation and have sacrificed so much in order to provide a life of possibility for their families and communities.

Let’s continue the amazing work and keep celebrating and advocating for our Latino communities.

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