50 Million Millennials Voting Could Swing the Election

According to a recent analysis by NextGen Climate, in 2016, Millennials are poised to extend their influence to our politics and elections. Millennials now make up as large a cohort of eligible voters as to the Baby Boom Generation—the first time in more than three decades that Boomers’ numbers have been equaled by another generation. Their numbers give Millennials the power to demand real solutions to our most urgent problems, climate change foremost among them—but only if they vote.

“With so much hanging in the balance this election, young voters could swing elections up and down the ballot. Millennials care deeply about the issues that impact their lives– and they know that threats to our climate are threats to their future,” said NextGen Climate Senior Adviser Jamison Foser.

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 76% of 18-29 year olds say climate change is a serious problem facing America, with 63% calling it
 a very serious problem. That concern is matched by a desire for action: 64% say the federal government should do more to address climate change.

Given the the enthusiasm for climate action, NextGen Climate recently launched a $25 million effort that is focused on Millennials that has the potential to sway elections up and down the ballot all across the country. The three pillars of the program—registration, education, and turnout—will run in the states (Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) where a small increase in turnout could be decisive in electing climate champions.