NextGen America and Vote Save America Announce Vote by Mail Day of Action on July 28th

Progressive powerhouse organizations team up to raise awareness and sign up young voters to receive mail-in ballots in advance of the November election

SAN FRANCISCO & LOS ANGELES — NextGen America is excited to announce its first-ever National Vote By Mail Day of Action on July 28 in partnership with Crooked Media’s Vote Save America. 

Through peer-to-peer communication, email distribution, SMS, and social media, NextGen America and Vote Save America will help voters request vote by mail ballots for November and raise awareness about the safety and convenience of casting a ballot from home. The organizations will also pressure elected officials in states without no-excuse absentee ballots to reform their laws before Election Day.

“This day of action is a clear signal that NextGen America will not rest until vote by mail is available to every American voter,” NextGen America Founder Tom Steyer said. “Young people deserve to have their voices heard without risking their health or safety during a pandemic.”

“Forcing people to choose between their health and their right to vote is undemocratic and should be unacceptable to our government leaders,” said Shaniqua McClendon, Political Director at Crooked Media. “We are taking action to ensure Vote by Mail is a viable option for as many voters as possible. This will keep all voters safe and reduce the risk for those who still have to show up to the polls. When more people are able to vote and make their voices heard our government will be more reflective of and responsive to the communities it is supposed to serve.”

Research shows that vote by mail greatly closes the turnout gap between young Americans and older generations, particularly among young Americans of color. However, voters often face systemic barriers, misinformation, and miscommunication around how to request and cast a ballot by mail. Millions of Americans are thus left disenfranchised, and the stakes of such voter suppression could not be higher for an election that will take place during a pandemic.

Colorado’s vote by mail process, which led to record-setting primary turnout last month with over 99 percent of ballots being cast by mail, can serve as a model for the rest of the nation. Data from Colorado’s 2018 elections also demonstrate that vote by mail is a boon for voter participation, particularly among young voters.

In spite of the president’s inflammatory and erroneous tweets about vote by mail, the practice is widely supported by Americans.


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