NextGen America Expands into Texas Before Early Vote Cutoff with Six-Figure Investment

SAN FRANCISCO — On the heels of expanding its program into Alaska, Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district, Kansas, and South Carolina, NextGen America is launching a six-figure program to help young Texas voters deliver a historic flip of the Lone Star State. With Donald Trump’s brand in free fall even in historically red states, young people are poised to serve as the margin of victory for Joe Biden and strong Texas candidates like MJ Hegar and Chrysta Castañeda. NextGen America is adding young Texas voters to its volunteer outreach program as well as launching a new ad in English and Spanish, which will appear on Univision, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Biden is Listening to Us 

There are close to five million voters under the age of 35 in Texas, making it an ideal target for a late expansion commitment from America’s largest youth voter organization. NextGen America’s program will center on young people in the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso. In addition to targeted digital ads, distributed volunteers will target roughly 250,000 18-35-year-old Texans, predominantly young Latinos, with messages about how to vote early and how to cast their ballot safely for Biden by Nov. 3.

“Donald Trump and his corrupt enablers continue to roll out the red carpet for progressives in traditionally conservative communities that they have betrayed and left behind,” said NextGen America Executive Director Ben Wessel. “With Texas in play at this point of the cycle, young Americans aren’t just building margins of victories for Democrats, they are primed to deliver record-breaking turnout.“

Texas turnout is leading the nation, putting the state in serious play for Democratic victories. The Rio Grande Valley is a blue-leaning area of the state that has thus far lagged behind other Democratic strongholds in early vote turnout. Young Texans are leading the pack on early votes among other battleground state dwellers, and recent polling shows a wide-open race at the top of the ticket. NextGen America aims to capitalize on this close race by adding extra support with hard-to-find and expensive-to-reach young voters.

About NextGen America

NextGen America is a multiracial coalition of young people, organized to take power by winning elections for progressive candidates. NextGen is uniquely suited to help millennials and Gen Z’ers seize power as an experienced yet nimble political organization that leads with authenticity and grit. Since 2013, NextGen America has registered over 1.3 million voters and contacted millions of young people with messages encouraging them to vote.