NextGen America To Expand ‘GOTV’ Efforts To Four New States

Program includes a six-figure digital advertising buy in Alaska plus phone-banking and text-banking in South Carolina, Kansas, and Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District

SAN FRANCISCO — With races all over the country tightening in the final month before polls close and with 16,000 active volunteers on its side, NextGen America announced the expansion of its young voter turnout operation to Alaska, South Carolina, Kansas, and Nebraka’s second congressional district. The efforts are aimed at expanding Joe Biden’s path to 270 Electoral College votes and helping Democrats flip the Senate toward a progressive majority. The organization’s investment includes a $200,000 digital advertising buy in Alaska, contrasting the stances of Al Gross and GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan on the issues that matter most to young Alaskans (age 18-39). NextGen America’s volunteers will text and call young voters across all regions on the expanded map thanks to the success of a distributed organizing program that has contacted over three million young people this cycle.

“Young people need a Democrat in the White House and a Senate that’s willing to fight for the progressive policies we demand. Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s historic unpopularity with young people is putting new opportunities on the map,” said NextGen America Executive Director Ben Wessel. “We have a massive squad of volunteers eager to contact more voters to flip the White House and Senate. The momentum is on our side, and we’re giving the people what they want.”

NextGen America recently kicked off its final stretch of get-out-the-vote efforts in 11 battleground states. In the four new states added to the original 11, the youth vote super PAC will collaborate with partners on the ground to ensure that digital and peer-to-peer organizing efforts supplement the existing work.

“This election is all about young people and our collective power,” said NextGen America Communications Director Heather Greven. “When young people vote, Republicans lose. Mitch McConnell should be extremely worried about his Senate majority.”

The ad launching today in Alaska can be viewed below:

About NextGen America

NextGen America is a multiracial coalition of young people, organized to take power by winning elections for progressive candidates. NextGen is uniquely suited to help millennials and Gen Z’ers seize power as an experienced yet nimble political organization that leads with authenticity and grit. Since 2013, NextGen America has registered over 1.3 million voters and contacted millions of young people with messages encouraging them to vote.