NextGen Climate Launches Ad Campaign Calling on Republican Candidates to Embrace Clean Energy

Ahead of tonight’s Republican presidential debate, NextGen Climate today launched an ad campaign calling on the Republican presidential candidates to make clean energy central to their economic growth strategy and lay out a plan to achieve more than 50 percent clean energy by 2030. During tonight’s debate in Milwaukee, NextGen Climate will run “Who We Are”, a TV ad, on Fox Business as part of a six-figure national ad buy and full-page print ads in The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Wisconsin State-Journal.

“If Republican candidates are serious about creating jobs, they must make clean energy central to their plans to grow our economy,” said NextGen Climate President Tom Steyer. “We know we have the solutions to tackle climate change while creating millions of jobs and raising household incomes. So what are the Republican candidates waiting for?”

Watch the ad here:

View the print ads here.

NGC CEE ad Wisconsin State Journal 1109 2015

Transitioning to a clean energy economy is an opportunity for America to create millions of jobs across the country. A new report from NextGen Climate America released this week shows that building a clean energy economy would create over 1 million jobs in 2030 and up to 2 million jobs in 2050 nationally, including up to 1.2 million new construction jobs. By accelerating the shift to clean energy, American families will see their household disposable income increase by $350-$400 in 2030 and by as much as $650 in 2050.

Building a clean energy economy is also popular with Republican voters. A recent poll from the ClearPath Foundation  found that 84 percent of Americans and 72 percent of Republicans support taking action to accelerate the transition to clean energy. And according to a Hart Research poll released in August, 54 percent of Republicans in key battleground states favor a goal to power our country with more than 50 percent clean energy by 2030. 

At tonight’s debate—which will focus on economic issues—the candidates must recognize that clean energy investment is a common sense way to create the jobs of the future and help ensure an economy that works for everyone. Candidates must make clean energy a part of their jobs strategy  and lay out concrete plans to power America with more than 50 percent clean energy by 2030.

**NOTE: Due to a vendor error, a different NextGen Climate ad—”Dear World“—was broadcast on FOX Business during the debate. The ad described in this release—”Who We Are”—will air during FOX News’ re-broadcast of the Republican debate on November 14, 2015.