NextGen Virginia Registers 20,000 Voters Before Deadline

Sets Precedent for Young People to Push Progressives Over the Finish Line on November 7th

RICHMOND — Following the October 16th voter registration deadline, NextGen Virginia announced today they had registered 19,854 voters since announcing the program in August. With a presence on 24 campuses and 59 paid staff across the commonwealth, NextGen has engaged voters through face-to-face, peer-to-peer contact designed to encourage meaningful conversations among voters. The group is also focused on turning out young voters who aren’t on campus by using creative digital advertisements, peer-to-peer text messaging, direct mail, and events to engage with them on issues that matter to young people in 2017.

“Virginia’s statewide elections are the most important in 2017, and young people will be the deciding factor,” said NextGen America president Tom Steyer. “We know young people want good jobs, clean air and water, and leaders who will fight for justice for each and every Virginian. That’s why they’re voting for Ralph Northam, and that’s who will carry Northam and the entire Democratic ticket across the finish line on November 7th.”

In the last gubernatorial election in 2013, Terry McAuliffe beat Ken Cuccinelli by a mere 56,000 votes, and several House of Delegates races were decided by a few hundred votes. By adding 20,000 new student voters to the rolls, NextGen’s voter registration and engagement efforts could mean the difference in races up-and-down the ballot.

“Virginia has a history of tight statewide elections and 2017 looks no different,” said NextGen Virginia Youth Organizing Director Hannah Bristol. “By registering over 20,000 new young voters, NextGen has run one of the largest student registration efforts in state history. With three weeks left, we’re stepping up our efforts to ensure young voters across the commonwealth turnout for Ralph Northam and progressives up-and-down the ballot on Election Day.”

In addition to registering voters, NextGen has gathered over 8,000 commitments to vote from young Virginians who were already registered. Over the next three weeks, NextGen Virginia organizers will follow up with all new registrants and young voters who have committed to vote, encouraging them to make plans to vote and highlighting the stark contrasts between the candidates on the issues that matter most to young Virginians.

NextGen’s $2 million young voter program in Virginia is targeting hundreds of thousands of young Virginians across the commonwealth through face-to-face conversations, targeted mail and digital advertisements, and peer-to-peer text messages.