Statement from Tom Steyer on President Obama’s Decision to Permanently Protect the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans from Offshore Drilling

Today, President Obama used his executive authority under Section 12(a) of the Outer Continental Shelf Act to permanently protect the Arctic Ocean and significant portions of the Atlantic Ocean from hazardous offshore drilling. In November, NextGen Climate called on the President to take this action to protect our climate. In response, NextGen Climate President Tom Steyer released the following statement:

“President Obama’s executive action to protect the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans permanently is both historic and heroic. As Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with Big Oil cronies and polluters, President Obama has acted to protect our oceans, our air and our climate for our coastal communities and future generations of Americans. President Obama’s impressive legacy of climate action stands in stark contrast to President-elect Donald Trump, who only cares about climate change when it affects his golf courses.

“We will continue working to ensure prosperity for all Americans, create a more just society, protect our climate and push back against Trump’s dark vision and dangerous plans for our country.”