Young Pennsylvanians React to PA Supreme Court Declaring Right to ‘Reproductive Autonomy’ Fundamental

In response to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that found the 1982 Abortion Control Act, which prohibited Medicaid from paying for an abortion, unconstitutional, NextGen America Pennsylvania State Director Cortney Bouse released the following statement:

“Last year young Pennsylvanians turned out at historic levels to create a Pennsylvania Supreme Court that represents and reflects our values – today we are seeing that in action. We elected leaders who want to preserve abortion rights, and together we are building a future where every one of us has the freedom to make our own decisions.

“This ruling is a victory for abortion rights and for the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As we look ahead to 2024, abortion access is on the ballot nationally, federally, and at the state level and young Pennsylvanians want to vote and make their voice heard this November. Young people in Pennsylvania are determined to continue our fight for bodily autonomy and protect our basic rights from MAGA Republicans who wish to take us back in time.”


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