Virginia Millennial Indicator Precincts

NextGen America has selected 9 majority-millennial precincts across Virginia to monitor over the course of election day. These “Millennial Indicator Precincts” offer a glimpse into young voter enthusiasm in this election.

Each of the below precincts is made up of at least 60% young voters (18-40), meaning these Millennial Indicator Precincts are the best place to look on Election Day to see whether the youth vote is turning out at the levels that Ralph Northam and progressive candidates down ballot need to win. Turnout at these majority-millennial precincts will act as bellwether precincts throughout the day, allowing us to track whether young people are beating their turnout performance compared to 2013 levels.

We’ll be updating the chart below as counts come in. Turnout will reflect a combination of early absentee ballots and election day turnout as counts roll in. We’ll update this chart at 12:30pm ET, 4pm ET, and as soon as we can after polls close at 7:00pm ET.

To learn more about NextGen America’s efforts in the 2017 Virginia Elections, you can read the two memos linked below:

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