Who is VOTE-E?

VOTE-E is a Discord AI chatbot focused on civic engagement powered by NextGen America that meets young voters where they are. VOTE-E can help your Discord community register to vote, answer questions you have about the voting process, and set up reminders on important election dates like voter registration deadlines. When it’s time to vote later in the year, VOTE-E will help direct people to their polling place.

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What can VOTE-E do?

Help you register to vote

Send you reminders on important election-related dates

Help you find your polling place

Answer any questions you have about voting or the voting process

How do I invite VOTE-E to my Discord server?*

  • Click the button below and invite the bot to any servers you are an admin in. As with all Discord bots, you must be an admin in a server to invite VOTE-E to it.
  • Message in the channel you want VOTE-E to send announcements in. This could be an #announcements channel, or any channel where users aren’t actively chatting in. If you don’t have a channel like this, we’d recommend creating one so folks can continue to utilize the bot!
    • Send the message “@VOTE-E announcements here” (be sure you @ the bot) in the channel you want VOTE-E to send announcements in.
  • There are 3 ways you and your server can interact with VOTE-E. We recommend utilizing the emoji reactions as it’s the easiest way to chat with VOTE-E.
    • Reacting with any emoji 🗳️ to the announcement message and the bot will send you a direct message asking how it can be helpful.
    • Sending @VOTE-E a direct message yourself.
    • Tagging (@ing) VOTE-E in a channel will initiate VOTE-E sending you a direct message.

*To invite VOTE-E to a server, you must be an admin.

**As a reminder, this tool utilizes cutting-edge AI technology, which means there is a small possibility it could provide information that is inaccurate. As VOTE-E will often suggest, please verify any specific questions you have with official sources. Drop us a line at if you have any feedback!

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