NextGen America, Partner Organizations Hold #YouthVote Day of Action, Organize Young Voters at Over 200 Events Across the Country

Celebrates registering more than 20,000 young voters over the past 10 weeks, seven months out from Election Day

San Francisco, CA — On Tuesday, April 10th, NextGen America and partner organizations held over 200 #YouthVote Day of Action events across 20 states to register and organize young voters to make their voices heard at the ballot box this November. Today, NextGen America celebrates registering over 20,000 young voters across eight states and receiving over 40,000 commitments to vote over the past 10 weeks.

“Yesterday was just a preview of what Republicans will face on Election Day — young voters across the country are energized, organized, and ready to send a message in November,” said NextGen America President Tom Steyer. “We are not just witnessing a moment — we are witnessing a movement. The future leaders of America are rising up and come November, they will bring new progressive energy and optimism into our politics.”

During the #YouthVote Day of Action, NextGen America organizers and volunteers rallied and registered young voters to hold their representatives accountable, hosted panels on issues young voters care about — like immigration and climate change — and encouraged students to participate in our democracy with food, prizes, and petting zoos. In Wisconsin, NextGen America President Tom Steyer joined organizers in engaging voters at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and participated in a panel with Representative Greta Neubauer and Representative David Bowen to highlight the importance of the youth vote in 2018.

In 2017, NextGen set the standard for engaging and turning out the youth vote by organizing on 26 campuses across the Commonwealth of Virginia and registering over 25,000 young Virginians to vote. Since last summer, NextGen has been on the ground engaging and organizing young people on the issues they care about — and will continue to expand its organizing efforts for the 2018 elections.

Young voters are now the largest bloc of eligible voters in the country — and they are key to progressive victories up and down the ballot this year. Yesterday, the Harvard University Institute of Politics released a new poll showing that 37 percent of young voters under 30 say they will “definitely be voting” this year, compared to 23 percent in 2014. The poll also finds that young voters prefer Democratic control of Congress by 41 points (69 – 28), and 72 percent disapprove of Trump.

Young voters are the most progressive generation in American history. Since launching its program, NextGen has collected data on the top issues for young voters and found that cost of college (70%), racial equality/justice (61%), and affordable healthcare (60%) rank the highest.

The #YouthVote Day of Action was part of NextGen Rising — the largest youth organizing program in American history, working to register, engage, and mobilize young voters, on and off campuses, across 10 states ahead of November 6th, 2018.