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Young PA Voters Elect Daniel McCaffery, Secure Major Democratic Victories

NextGen PAC mobilized thousands of young voters to propel progressive candidates to victory Philadelphia, PA — Today, NextGen PAC celebrates the remarkable impact that young voters had on this year’s Pennsylvania elections. NextGen PAC, through tireless organizing efforts, successfully mobilized thousands of young voters to triumph over their Republican challengers. Throughout this election cycle, NextGen […]

Young Virginia Voters Propel Democrats to Historic Victories, Flipping House and Protecting Senate

NextGen PAC mobilized thousands of young voters to elect progressive candidates, rejecting Republicans’ attempts to take total control of state government Richmond, VA — Today, the country is witnessing the extraordinary results of a youth vote movement that has left an indelible mark on Virginia. Through tireless organizing efforts, NextGen PAC mobilized thousands of young […]

Young Voters Power Key Elections in Pennsylvania and Virginia

Washington, D.C. — In a remarkable demonstration of youth voter mobilization, the 2023 elections in key swing states – Pennsylvania and Virginia – were galvanized by a strategic investment by NextGen America. This move saw NextGen engage with millions of young voters aged 18-35 in the lead-up to the pivotal November elections. Across both states, […]

NextGen America Celebrates Ten Years of Empowering Young Voters

Nation’s largest youth voting org celebrates a decade of historic growth and progress Washington, DC — Today, NextGen America is celebrating its ten year anniversary, marking a decade of education, activism, and building youth engagement in our democracy. In 2013, NextGen America started mobilizing young people on climate justice, one of the most salient and […]

NextGen PAC Endorses Mayoral Candidates in Arizona and North Carolina

Largest youth vote organization endorses Democratic candidates in mayoral races in Arizona and North Carolina Washington, D.C. — Today, NextGen PAC announced the endorsement of Regina Romero for Tucson mayor, Vi Lyles for Charlotte mayor, and Barbara Gaskins for Greenville mayor ahead of this November’s elections. These endorsements are a critical part of NextGen PAC’s […]

Ad Campaign Launches to Motivate Young Progressive Voters Ahead of November Election

NextGen PAC announces six figure investment on new digital ads aimed at turning out young voters across Virginia Richmond, VA — Today, NextGen PAC launched a new digital ad campaign to motivate young progressives in Virginia to vote in the November elections. The ads include a video series titled “Get Them Out” that will energize […]

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